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Effective writing qualities

That’s all your character might want … and then he meets a man who pays thousands for his portrait. Now their roommate hardly thinks.

Their dark hat, cunning smile and demanding eyes pull your main character in … until they can get out. New, new city work, new life. Your character left to start from scratch and become what he always wanted to be. This problem?

They will learn that this is far from the truth. bait the mysterious man will never grow old.

Some say they will move mountains to find the love of their life. Others will move kingdoms. Write a novel about how your character is essentially a “hungry artist,” an art student with a hard time moving. Their roommate, another art student in love with your character, opens a breathtaking picture gallery of your character..

They just can’t stop killing people. Write a story about your main character being injured. Although they seem to be completely rebuilding, something was wrong with their head after the collision. When they wake up finding themselves near the crippled body in an unknown place, they begin to worry. Write a story of how your main character and some friends make a boat trip to a small, empty, enclosed island for a night of celebration..

When the sun goes down, they realize how occupied the island really is … and there is a reason why it is forbidden. Write about how your main character suffers from a condition that gives them periodic breaks for no reason. The only thing they can remember before any power outage is the bicycle. Red bike with white basket and dirty tires.

Write a story about how many memories of love and loss come to your character’s mind when you are invited to an adult summer camp. They decide to go for it and spend 6 weeks in paradise with complete strangers. Write. a story of how a tree house in a deep forest is your character’s favorite vacation spot.

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One day they see the same bicycle leaning on their house, but this time they did not cross out. Write a book about as your main character has stayed home just as usual. But this time a new neighbor comes to visit..

But when they are interrupted by a weird kid at school, they have to set some ground rules to use it. Sharing a tree house with a fanatic is definitely the best thing they have ever done.

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And this was not the last time. Write about a character who decides to vacation in a small isolated town to understand what to do with their life after college. Little did they know that this small town could contain so much of what they really want in life, including a beauty with a less than favorable reputation. Write down what happens when your particular character meets someone he or she is unlikely to ever fit. «All are right in love and war.» It still sounds real when your character is doing a fight for love.??

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